The Top 10 Reasons You Should Own an American Saddlebred

  1. They are friendly and love people, so snuggling is inevitable.

2.  Everyone in the family can own, show, enjoy, and LOVE the breed!

3.  The American Saddlebred community provides lifelong friendships and your barn and horse show “family.”

4.  They provide a strong partnership in and out of the show ring.

5.  There is nothing more thrilling than riding or driving an American Saddlebred

6.  You witness love in its most genuine form at each peppermint wrapper crinkle.

7.  While they are the “peacock of the show ring,” they always put a smile on your face with their endearing personalities.

8.  They come in all colors, so like potato chips, you always want more than one.

9.  They are born proud and love to please!

10.  They are your ultimate partner in the ride of life, and a best friend happy to listen to your every thought, but will never share your deepest secrets.


To find an American Saddlebred near you, please visit the American Saddlebred Horse Association Stable Search page.